Cobolt Twist™ 457nm: Now with up to 200 mW CW single frequency output

28 March, 2017


Cobolt AB announces the release of a higher power model of the Cobolt Twist™ 457 nm on the 05-01 Series platform. With up to 200 mW single-frequency CW output power, the Cobolt Twist™ is perfectly suited to demanding applications in holography, Raman spectroscopy and photoluminescence. The wavelength and optical properties makes it ideal as a replacement of bulkier Ar+ lasers.


The Cobolt Twist™ is a continuous-wave single-frequency diode pumped laser (DPL) operating at 457.0 nm in a perfect quality TEM00 beam (M2< 1.1). A proprietary laser cavity design provides ultra-low noise performance of typically <0.2 % rms (over 20 Hz-20 MHz and over 10-40 ℃), stable single longitudinal mode (SLM) operation, intrinsically excellent wavelength stability and immunity to optical feedback.


457 nm 200mW diode pumped laser DPSSL for holographyCobolt Twist 457 nm 200 mW




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