High content analysis

This group of analysis tools include different types of plate or chip readers as well as instruments based on capillary electrophoresis technology. These tools are mainly used for studies of genes (location, interaction, structure, and function).

Main applications are High-Though-put Screening (HTPS) processes for new drug development and DNA sequencing. One specific aim in this segment is the development of biochip technology, with the ultimate goal to enable tailored medical treatment based on the patient’s genetical response.

Wavelength matching (with Ar-ion lasers), beam quality and low noise are important properties of the laser source.

See all Cobolt CW Visible 04-01 Series DPSS lasers, CW UV-Visible-NIR 05-01 Series DPSS lasers and ultra-compact 06-01 Series lasers

HTPS_3spaltHTPS data

DNA_3spalt DNA strands



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