Cobolt proudly introduces Cobolt Pulsed Lasers – Q-switched lasers and Mid-IR OPOs

16 December, 2013



Cobolt AB announces the release of a new family of pulsed lasers. The Cobolt Pulsed Lasers consist of two series: the Cobolt Tor Series of high performance Q-switched lasers at 532 nm and 1064 nm, and the Cobolt Odin Series of compact and tunable Mid infrared OPOs.

Applications for the Cobolt Tor Series lasers includes range finding, LIBS, Raman-LIDAR, micromachining and micromarking and for the Cobolt Odin Series lasers include trace gas analysis in pollution control for the petrochemical, automotive and energy production industries.

Learn more about our Q-switched lasers or Mid IR OPOs



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