DPSS lasers (Diode pumped solid state)

At Cobolt we are always breaking new ground in providing the best in laser technology to our customers. For over 15 years we have developed and manufactured diode pumped solid state lasers (DPSS laser) for a large range of applications. DPSS lasers have since proven their place as one of the modern kind of lasers.

Diode pumped laser (DPL)

In developing and embracing this, we at Cobolt have shortened this acronym to Diode Pumped Laser (DPL) for the laser designers of the future.

DPSS laser basics

DPSS lasers and DPLs are made by pumping a solid medium, such as a ruby or other crystal, with a laser diode, basically an all solid state or crystal based design. The DPSS laser has, for the most part, replaced ion lasers and flash lamp-pumped lasers for multiple applications and scientific uses.

The DPSS laser has many advantages over other laser types. One such advantage is that they are compact, have excellent beam quality and typically have a higher efficiency than other kinds of lasers. A Cobolt DPSS laser is in addition always single frequency by design. Whatever the DPSS laser chosen, they all come manufactured with our propriority method of HTCure™ for robustness and reliability.

Cobolt offers the following Series with all or a selection of lasers based on DPSS technology:


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