561 nm laser

Cobolt’s 561 nm laser

Cobolt prides itself on having a wide range of technologically advanced lasers. The continuous wave (cw) 561nm laser is just one of these and there are multiple variants on offer.

Lasers operating at 561 nm have been around for over a decade, typically they are based on diode pumped solid state laser (DPSSL) technology and are the modern day alternative to the more traditional Argon ion laser at 568 nm. For scientists who would like more space in their system or on their optical table, the solid state alternatives offer just that, in addition to reducing the electricity consumption and water usage bills. The high quality beam that it offers is excellent for multiple applications making it a very versatile laser type. These types of lasers offer a quality beam, stable power and low noise.

Which 561 nm laser from Cobolt to choose?

Ranging in cw powers from 25 mW up to 500 mW, Cobolt offers multiple variants ranging from the original Cobolt Jive™, the single frequency laser of choice for high power applications, to the 06-DPL 561nm laser which can be modulated up to 10 kHz through to the 08-DPL 561 nm with integrated optical isolator for Raman spectroscopy applications. Whatever the 561 nm laser chosen, they all come manufactured with our propriority method of HTCure™ for robustness and reliability.

Why choose a 561 nm laser from Cobolt?

The excellent power stability, very low rms noise and perfect TEM00 beam quality will meet all the requirements of most applications.

Applications for the 561 nm laser?

  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Flow cytometry

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