Product Overview

Cobolt manufacture high performance, single frequency CW and modulated lasers in the UV-visible-NearIR spectrum, as well as Q-switched pulsed lasers, Mid-IR sources and options and solutions for light engine integration. The lasers are manufactured using Cobolt’s unique and proprietary HTCure™ technology yielding unrivaled robustness and reliability.

If you are unsure of which Series, product or wavelength you need, use our wavelength guide on the right!

As a part of HÜBNER Photonics, Cobolt can also offer the unique tunable cw laser light source C-WAVE and the laser combiner C-FLEX in the Nordic countries.

Cobolt is now a proud distributor of Azurlight Systems single frequency CW fiber lasers in the Nordics.

See how easy our lasers are to use and check out our unboxing videos below:

Unboxing video for Cobolt 04-01, Cobolt 05-01 & Cobolt 08-01 Series
Unboxing video for Cobolt 06-01 Series

Download our brochure: HÜBNER Photonics 2020 (incl Cobolt lasers).

fHUBNER Photonics Lasers Terahertz Radar


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