Narrow linewidth lasers

Narrow linewidth lasers

Cobolt 08-01 Series

Compact narrow linewidth lasers: 405 nm – 1064 nm up to 500mW

  • 405 nm, 457 nm, 473 nm, 515 nm, 532 nm, 561 nm, 633 nm, 660 nm, 785 nm & 1064 nm up to 500 mW
  • SLM diode pumped lasers (DPL) and narrow linewidth diode lasers (NLD)
  • Integrated optical isolator – immune to optical feedback
  • Integrated spectral filter
  • Fiber coupled option
  • Perfect for Raman, interferometry
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Product Wavelength Power
Cobolt 08-NLD 405 nm ≤ 30 mW
Cobolt 08-DPL 457 nm  ≤ 30 mW
Cobolt 08-DPL 473 nm ≤ 50 mW
Cobolt 08-NLD (coming soon) 488 nm ≤ 30 mW
Cobolt 08-DPL 515 nm ≤ 50 mW
Cobolt 08-DPL 532 nm ≤ 200 mW
Cobolt 08-DPL 561 nm ≤ 100 mW
Cobolt 08-NLD 633 nm ≤ 30 mW
Cobolt 08-DPL 660 nm ≤ 50 mW
Cobolt 08-NLD 785 nm ≤ 120 mW
Cobolt 08-NLDM 785 nm ≤ 500 mW
Cobolt 08-NLDM-ESP 785 nm ≤ 400 mW
Cobolt 08-DPL 1064 nm ≤ 400 mW

If you are unsure of which Series, product or wavelength you need, use our wavelength guide on the right!

References & applications notes

  Application notes Application Publication
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  PDF_symbol_2Feel like you are missing Raman signal – 405 nm can help see more Raman spectroscopy Spectroscopy Magazine
  PDF_symbol_2Catching fleeting catalytic intermediates by high speed 785 nm NIR Raman spectroscopy Raman spectroscopy Electro Optics Magazine


  Software Description
  Cobolt Monitor- Cobolt MonitorTM is a combined GUI for all Cobolt laser models. The GUI supports simultaneous connection and monitoring of multiple lasers, configured for either RS232 or USB2.0. The GUI automatically searches for new Cobolt lasers connected to the computer and presents them listed. We highly recommend that you upgrade to the newest version!In case you have an older Cobolt laser which does not connect to Cobolt Monitor, please contact your Cobolt distributor with your serial number and we will provide you with the correct software.
  USB Driver To connect to the laser via USB, the USB driver must be installed. When installed, a virtual COM port will be created to communicate with the laser. Followed are the instructions for installing the USB driver on Windows 7 / Windows XP and Windows 8
  Lab View To integrate the Cobolt lasers into Lab view environment, please download “Lab View”.

Data sheets

Cobolt 08-01 Series: Narrow Linewidth Lasers



Cobolt narrow linewidth lasers

Cobolt 08-01 Series: Narrow Linewidth Lasers

Unboxing video for Cobolt 04-01, Cobolt 05-01 & Cobolt 08-01 Series

Options & Accessories

Cobolt Heatsink HS-03

Fiber coupling FIC-06