Q-switched lasers

Q switched lasers

Cobolt Tor™ Series

High performance Q-switched lasers: 355 nm, 532 nm & 1064 nm

  • Up to 1 W average power
  • < 5 ns pulse width
  • >7 kHz pulse repetition rate
  • Compact OEM version
  • 12 months warranty
  • Perfect for Photoacoustics microscopy, LIBS
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Product Wavelength Power  Pulse Energy
Cobolt Tor™ 1064 nm > 1 W > 150 uJ
Cobolt Tor™ 532 nm 420 mW 60 uJ
Cobolt Tor™ 355 nm 125 mW 18 uJ
Cobolt Tor™ XS 1064 nm 100 mW 100 uJ
Cobolt Tor™ XS 532 nm 50 mW 50 uJ



  References Application Publication
  PDF_symbol_2Cobolt Tor Series lasers for LIBS LIBS Application note
  PDF_symbol_NyB. Noharet et al. LIBS systems can assist aluminum recycling LIBS Laser Focus World, October 2014


  Software Description
  CoboltMonitor- Cobolt MonitorTM is a the Beta version for Tor XS users. NEW
  USB Driver To connect to the laser via USB, the USB driver must be installed. When installed, a virtual COM port will be created to communicate with the laser. Followed are the instructions for installing the USB driver on Windows 7 / Windows XP and Windows 8
  Lab View To integrate the Cobolt lasers into Lab view environment, please download “Lab View”.


cobolt tor series Q-switched lasers

Cobolt Tor Series: Q-switched lasers

Tor XS q-wsitched lasers

Cobolt Tor XS: Compact Q-switched lasers

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Cobolt Tor Series: Q-switched lasers

Cobolt Tor XS pulsed lasers

Cobolt Tor XS : Compact Q-switched lasers