New wavelength for holography: Cobolt Bolero™ 640 nm, 500 mW

7 June, 2018


Cobolt AB, a part of HÜBNER Photonics, proudly highlights the addition of a new wavelength of 640 nm to the Cobolt 05-01 Series of single frequency lasers. With up to 500 mW and a linewidth of <1 MHz, the Cobolt Bolero™ is ideal for holographic and advanced interferometric applications. The Cobolt Bolero™ complements Cobolt’s current offering of RGB single frequency lasers: Cobolt Flamenco™ 660 nm with up to 500 mW, Cobolt Samba™ 532 nm with up to 1.5 W and Cobolt Twist™ 457 nm with up to 200 mW.

Cobolt single frequency lasers

Cobolt Bolero™ 640 nm


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