Options & Accessories

Options & Accessories


HS-03 PDF_symbol_2HS-03 Laser Head Heatsink (passive)
Recommended for 04-01 (incl. Modulated DPSS lasers) and 06-01 Series lasers
HS-04 PDF_symbol_2HS-04 Laser Head Heatsink (with fan)
Recommended for 05-01 Series lasers and Cobolt Tor™ Series and Cobolt Odin™ Series lasers


Fiber Coupling Options

PDF_symbol_2FIC-01 Mounting plate for fiber coupling for Cobolt 04-01 Series lasers
PDF_symbol_2FIC-03 Mounting plate for fiber coupling for Cobolt Dual Combiner
PDF_symbol_2FIC-04 Mounting plate and heatsink for fiber coupling for Cobolt 04-01 Series, Cobolt 05-01 Series & Cobolt Modulated DPSS lasers

PDF_symbol_2FIC-05 Mounting plate for fiber coupling for Cobolt 06-01 Series lasers


PDF_symbol_2FIC-06 Mounting plate for fiber coupling for Cobolt 08-01 Series lasers



Multiline lasers

DualComb_contr_trasp PDF_symbol_2Cobolt Dual Combiner
PDF_symbol_2Owners Manual Cobolt Dual CombinerThe Cobolt Dual Combiner is an unit which offers any combination of two 04-01 Series lasers at any power level in a permanently aligned packages. The extreme robustnessof Cobolt’s lasers and proprietary HTcure™ manufacturing technology allows Cobolt to offer the Dual Combiner with excellent beam overlap and beam pointing stability.
Modulated Dual Combiner

PDF_symbol_2Cobolt modulated Cobolt Dual Combiner

The modulated version of the Cobolt Dual Combiner offers two attractive emission wavelengths from one small box. Through the integrating of a silent SRS shutter, the output beam can be modulated up to 125 Hz with a very short rise time of <350 µs, with maintained 3% power stability and a completely dark state in off mode.


Modulated DPSS lasers

Modulated DPSS with controller small

PDF_symbol_2Cobolt Modulated DPSS lasers

Compact and powerful modulated DPSS lasers with modulation bandwidth up to 3 MHz.
CW power up to 240 mW in a perfect beam.


Other options
Cobolt offers integrated optical isolators for feedback sensitive OEM applications on its CW Visible 04-01 Series lasers.


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