Cobolt’s single frequency laser

At Cobolt we pride ourselves in having some of the worlds best cw single frequency lasers, and that’s no easy task. In a single frequency (SF) laser, the linewidth of the laser mode is extremely narrow, typically <10s kHz. Only one mode is allowed to propagate and is thus amplified within the laser cavity. An established cavity design enabling SF operation is the solid state ring laser cavity design.

In a single longitudinal mode (SLM) laser, the linewidth of the laser is also very narrow, typically <1 MHz, but may not be as narrow as in a SF laser. Diode pumped solid state lasers (DPSSLs) based on standing wave cavity designs can be encouraged to operate with a single mode only by suppressing competing modes using etalons, a common method within the laser branch.

Advantages of single frequency operation

A laser running SF or SLM has by default a very low intensity noise, due to the lack of competing modes and subsequent mode beating which can be seen as noise. The advantage of both SF and SLM lasers is that all the waves travel in complete phase, ie are completely coherent, meaning the coherence length is very long, typically over 100m, and thus the lasers are perfect for interference based applications such as holography.

Cobolt offers the following Series with all or a selection of the lasers being single frequency:


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